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September 01, 2010



But Secretary Clinton was ENORMOUSLY bipartisan in the Senate. It was one of the most remarkable aspects of her career there. During her presidential run, she even sat down with that scumbag Sciafe, for pity's sake. Would Clinton have crafted the same persona as Obama? Of course not. She doesn't have to worry about looking like an angry black man. But she would have had to worry about looking like an emasculating bitch, and that would have shaped her policy, too.

The Republicans are in convulsions of negativity, and I'm hard-pressed to see how anyone could get anything done in this environment. I also think 2008-2010 has been more legislatively active and progressive than 1992-1994 was. But some of that is BECAUSE of what happened in 1992-1994, so that's not meant as any particular slam.

John Petty

Good points, Jody. Yes, Hillary was bipartisan in the Senate. What I'm referring to is that when Hillary weighs in on an issue, she does so with great force and intellect. She takes a strong line.

This seemingly more confrontational approach actually helps a person to get something done in a bipartisan way. It forces your opponents to take you seriously, for one thing.

Oh yes, as I said above, they'd have said equivalent calumnies about Hillary.

I agree the Republicans are in "convulsions of negativity"--good phrase--but then they're always that way. They were that way with Clinton too. That's a given, sad to say.

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