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October 27, 2010



Thomas is a perjurer and impeachment proceedings would be quite in order. However, the craven Democrats like Biden who knew who and what Thomas was but allowed Hill to be savaged and sat on evidence are still craven (the GOP wouldn’t hesitate). And let it be remembered that Democrats were in charge of the hearings. Good going, Joe.

Really a diabolically clever choice on Bush 41’s part. He knew nominating a black man, however reactionary, would weaken Democratic opposition and it did. The Dems were afraid to go after an African-American too hard and Thomas had significant support among black Democrats because of his color. Divide and conquer.

John Petty

Not Joe Biden's strongest hour, that's for sure. Everybody said Ted Kennedy was buffaloed too because of his own tom-catting ways. Why that would necessarily make a difference, I don't know. His partners were consenting adults. Thomas' employees were in a different situation.

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