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October 25, 2010



I would say that part of the problem is it hasn’t “worked.” Problems have been papered over, not solved. The banks have been propped up, not genuinely stabilized. I think the anger over the bailouts is justified, no matter if we get our money back or not (which I’m inclined to wonder about. Not to mention that “Hey, we got our money back, who cares,” seems a strikingly cavalier attitude for liberals to take).

The problem is that nothing has changed. The system that tanked is still in place and the people who tanked it are doing fine. Meanwhile unemployment is static and people are getting thrown out their houses. There's little that voters can do in our system in times like these except vote for the other guy, which many are doing.

John Petty

Oh, I agree, I guess. The Democrats are 50% corrupt. The problem is that the GOP is 100% corrupt.

I compliment the Republicans actually for having the sheer chutzpah to vote for the bailout and then go around acting like they didn't. To tell the biggest whoppers in the world with a straight face--that takes real talent!

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