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October 18, 2010


Timothy Seitz-Brown

Do you see any parallel between Parable of the Two Lost Sons (or the Compassionate Father) and this Parable?

Is the younger son and the tax collector the same character?

Is the older brother and the Pharisee the same character?

I see a thematic connection between these parables. Do you?


Once again John - rockstar.

You nailed it.


John Petty

Tim, I hadn't thought about it, but will, keeping your remarks in mind.

Nadia, thanks! Appreciate the encouragement.

wendy maclean

Thanks for the insight about the tax collector--yes, we really want to think he has changed, and will return as a new person the next week.
Once again, we are turned by Christ's wisdom, back to reflect on God's nature, and the generosity of grace.
The good news is that God is not dependent on us--and yet, God is...
We are not to lose heart: the prayer cuts through the limitations.

John Petty

Good comment. Thanks for your visit, Wendy.

jordan 13

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