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October 29, 2010


Brad Evans

You're proud; the rest of the world is indifferent.

John Petty

Less so than you may think.

Nixon is Lord

And your declining even faster than we'd thought; there's a "Christian Century" article (Oct 4/2010)saying that, according to the ELCA's own numbers, its average Sunday attendance has declined faster than at any time in its history.

Nixon is Lord

Can you prove any of this? Or do you think that if you say it enough people will believe you?
"Created by god" as already good? Do you say that to kids born with harelips or exposed spines? How about those with holes in their hearts; was god just trying out some new design or will you just say "His ways aren't our ways"?

John Petty

Thanks for your visit, but what in blazes are you talking about?

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