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November 08, 2010



Very interesting perspective.I enjoyed reading this. I love that final statement of listening, trusting and modeling christ even when times are hard.

John Petty

Thanks for your visit. I hope you come back.

Dawson Nash

I am preparing for a Bible Study on this passage before our 8:00 service tomorrow chiefly attended by the homeless in Washington DC. This perspective was very helpful for me. Before I came to this link, after reading the lesson, my thoughts were about how there are always wars, always earthquakes and always pestilence and disease. There is not much difference in our time and the time when this lesson was written. I was also reminded of Theology class in 11th grade led by our school chaplain who gave a lecture on Rudulf Otto and his book The Idea of the Holy in which he used the phrase Mysterium tremendum et fascinans. After reading your perspective, I think the phrase applies to the message your blog advances - not to be fearful but to be steadfast in Christ's message when facing what life throws our way. On the other hand, developing a relationship with Christ can also be a fearful thing as I think some people are afraid of taking the time to reflect on such a thing and how their life might be altered by doing so. I don't know if I truly believe in Christ as the Son of God,or in God for that matter, but I do believe that there is a spirit that runs through all humanity, something which cannot be known or fully described, something which may be labeled as Good or Love. There is also a spirit of idleness and evil as written in the epistle for this Sunday. Focusing on the spirit of doing what is right is far superior than idleness and separateness from that which is constructive, healthy, righteous, and good.

John Petty

Dawson, thanks very much for your visit and for taking the time to share your thoughts. Best wishes.

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