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November 08, 2010



Gee, Dana Milbank wrote something I mostly agree with. Not sure how I feel about that.

Yes. Hillary appealed to older white people, as she accurately if tactlessly observed once, and it’s precisely that demographic that ALWAYS goes to the polls. Obama appealed to younger people (sorry, an 18 year old is not a “youth”) and African-Americans, two notoriously unreliable groups of voters. They came out for Obama, but the personality cult aspect of his popularity virtually guaranteed that we wouldn’t see a lot of those voters again until 2012 (if then).

I’m not knocking them. It takes years to develop the habit of voting, and I don’t blame blacks for looking at your average candidates and thinking, There’s not much in this for me. But it is something for everyone else to consider. Older voters’ mistrust of Obama has hurt him, during the health care debates, for example. And they vote. Consistently.

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