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December 28, 2010



Christmas is great in some ways, harrowing in others.

Obama came out in favor of giving dog-torturing gamblers a second chance, especially when they have Super Bowl prospects. Me, I'll be hoping Vick gets slammed viciously to the ground in every game, ideally winding up with a bell-ringer that leaves him thinking that he actually is a dog, or at least unable to get his tongue back in his mouth. Happy holidays.

John Petty

Not to say that what he did was OK, but why the outrage over Vick, but no outrage over the athletes who beat their wives and girlfriends?


It's a different issue. I'm sorry that more attention is not paid to domestic violence but I also don't see what that has to do with adulating Michael Vick, gambler and sadist. Obama was just shamelessly jumping on the bandwagon, and I was embarrassed for him. The principle is sound - people deserve a second chance. Vick isn't your poster guy for it, though.

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