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January 01, 2011


Joel Brandt

Tickle is not a Bible scholar but a great editor and religious scholar. Her book The Great Emergence is an insightful and brilliant account of the changes happening in the church in our time. (You may be confusing her with Phyllis Trible, Biblical scholar from Wake Forest.)

John Petty

I think you're right. I didn't check it out, and should have. In fact, I remember thinking as I typed: Is she really a Bible scholar? You're right that I probably confused her with Phyllis Trible.

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I don't know anything about Phyllis Tickle so this article is sure helpful for me to know about this Bible scholar of our time. Thank you very much John Petty for writing about this post. I haven't fully seen the video because my internet is having its time of the month again but once I'm done, I will provide insightful opinion about it. Thank you very much again.

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