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February 23, 2011



Yeah, 5'6" and 112 lbs, I'm quite the thug!

John Petty

Heather, have you been among the protesters? What's the mood like in Madison?

As a side note, I used to do a lot of traveling throughout the country. On three occasions, I got hopelessly lost. One was in Seattle. The other two were in Madison.


I went down, gosh the days are a blur, Wednesday week ago. A bunch of folks (mostly educators) had arranged an appt with our local Senator. He stood us up and we only got to meet with his chief of staff. It went pretty well until she said something about "you all are paid with tax payers money and you don't produce anything." That didn't sit real well.

When I was there, the crowds were still growing, but everyone was well mannered. I was worried when I heard the tea partiers were being bussed in on Saturday, but that went fine apparently. Two colleagues were down yesterday and they said it's almost a party atmosphere--so many people are donating food that they were eating most of the time!

The big news here today is that faculty on my campus voted to form a union. We'll see if we actually get to do so!

John Petty

Your state senator sounds like a real horse's ass. Put him on the recall list.

I'm in Tucson visiting my mom. Yesterday, there was a fairly large protest group at Campbell and Speedway--a major intersection near downtown. The reaction of the motorists was very positive.

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