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February 28, 2011



My Phoenix congregation, which used to number around 5000 on a regular weekend, now draws 350-400 for 3 services. It's a sad state of affairs. We are reaching the point of implosion.


You'd have picked the right place to land, John. Our Savior has had a strong history. One of my best friends used to be the lead Pastor (he was there when they called Marilyn as his associate -- she followed him as Senior Pastor). The last sermon I preached in Arizona was in that church, on Stewardship Sunday a bunch of years ago. I really enjoyed it (although your eyes probably would have glazed over...).

John Petty

Only if you get pious, Riz, which you rarely do, to the immense relief of your fellow parishioners and your colleagues, I might add.

Robin, you must be talking about CCOJ. Thanks for your visit.


Actually I was referring to SOV. CCOJ is in similar straits but with a longer, more dramatic fall.

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