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February 09, 2011



I like the "I don't care what people do" line too, John, but I read it pre-Reagan, attributed to some aristocratic woman in the Victorian era. If I manage to locate the source I will pass it along. Oh no I have taken away one thing to give Reagan credit for!


Bless wikipedia, or actually "wikiquote":

Here is the story.

Brother Bartimaeus

You are right on about the re-writing of history. Recently there was a story on the radio show "This American Life" about how the Reagan Library is indoctrinating kids into a pro-Reagan mindset. Gotta start 'em young!


Yes, it was Mrs. Pat's line. Like many of Reagan's quips it was not original to him.

Mrs. Reagan does not seem to be a particularly likable person but as her husband once noted, wives have it tough. Probably the most successful good cop, bad cop routine in history.

Strange, strange man. People like Mike Deaver could wear themselves out in his service and he barely noticed.

John Petty

I'm distressed to learn that one of the things I liked about the man really isn't true--not that I'm surprised.

Also, his line at the NH primary debate--"I paid for this microphone"--actually comes from the movie State of the Union and was spoken by Spencer Tracy.

I just don't think there was much to Reagan. Now Nixon, on the other hand--there was one interesting fella.

Art Binhack

A very interesting take on all things Reagan:


- Art Binhack

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