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March 22, 2011



No leadership from the White Hous and no resolution in the ranks as the Republicans continue to control the narrative.

Remarkable how the effects of the Catfood Commission continue to richochet around Obama and the party. One of his most foolish moves.


I do not understand what happened to the Democratic Party when Ross Perot appeared on the scene (or was it Reagan? I can't quite figure that out, but somehow I think Tip O'Neill has more guts) but the continual retreat from our principals over the past 20 years horrifies me.

John Petty

How they can control the narrative, when we have the high ground with the public, is one of the great mysteries of contemporary politics.


Money money money. When a Democratic President can't even bring himself to say the words "collective bargaining" you know there's a problem.

I'm reminded of an exchange at one of JFK's press conferences. I forget the circumstances, but the stock market had fallen a bit and one of the reporters asked JFK if big business had him where it wanted him. JFK said, "I can't believe I'm where business - big business -- wants me." Big laugh. Obama can't get a quip off that fast, but even if he could it's a joke he - or possibly any other modern Democratic president --would never make.

John Petty

It's worse than you think: Our Democratic president can't bring himself to say he's a Democrat.


He had trouble getting the word out when he was running for the office, too. One of the things I liked about HRC was her willingness to identify herself as a member of a party. You voted for her, but you also voted for the party she represented. It wasn't just Me, it was We.

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