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April 18, 2011


Patrick Raymond

Fabulous, intelligent, helpful, inspiring content. Thanks so much.

Bill Schlesinger

BTW it was the Pharisee's guard, not the Roman guard that was placed at the tomb. And note that the two Mary's stay in the process from the crucifixion to the burial where they are at the tomb as well.

John Petty

Thanks for your visits and kind words, Patrick.

Hi Bill, how do you know it was a pharisee guard?

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Rodney Teal

Thank you. Very helpful insights. My intent is to preach this text as "The Journey from Hurt to Hope." The women approach the tomb hurt by the reality of Jesus' death. The find help with angel. That help gives them hope because Jesus is not just risen, he has gone before them.

John Petty

Many thanks. See also Acts where Jesus is prodomos--the pioneer, the one who goes before.

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