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April 15, 2011


Brant Clements

Thanks for the nod, John. And thanks for explaining a thing or two better than I did myself. I may need to use your "Gospel of St. Cuisinart" sometime.

John Petty

Feel free. I read your post when I had just been thinking, "Yikes, I need to write about something, but what?" You made the main point, but I sure wanted to back it up.

Thanks for your visit.

Joshua Stevens

I stumbled here on a search for Ismael (Quinn), but while here I have a ? or two. If our brethren, Christ himself, walked this earth, would he still turn over "moneychangers and merchants tables?" I never wore the WWJD bracelets because I've tried my best to live it. I will be a first time father come 22nd (which I have a problem with our "medicine") and I have never gotten my license because insurance, in my opinion, is legal racketeering. I'm 30 and with the little interest and care I have for money, I won't let others take what's is hard earned for possibly naught. I feel that if I don't give in I won't be able to provide for family as I have for myself but on the other hand I feel that I am being forced to go against what is right and fair. It should also be noted that I walk with Christ hand in hand, and not with him above or in front of me as many put him. I am no fanatic, just someone who is "ashamed" of being Christian because I feel the messages and can see what Christianity can be. It's not Sundays or Church, it's all in the heart we were blessed with. Ant insight would be of great thanks. God Bless.

John Petty

I'm not sure where you need an opinion. I do hope that you found the Quinn books. I've read Ishmael and one other one and enjoyed them both. Thanks for your visit.

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