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May 16, 2011


Francois Theron

Thank you for the study. I can make use of it in my preparation for the sermon. There is one question. Is it not so that YHWH is the Hebrew name Of God and Kairos the Greek name? I still have difficulty in trying to explain why our prayers in Jesus' Name are not always answered. It looks to "outsiders" as if the promise of the dwelling then also might be something that you cannot trust wholeheartedly.

John Petty

No. Kairos is one of two Greek words for "time." You might be thinking of Xristos, but that means "Christ," which "Messiah" translated into Greek. YHWH would be ego eimi.

You raise a good point. Obviously, the most straight-forward meaning of Jesus' words are incorrect. No, you do not always get what you ask.

Ray Brown says that the asking has to be in accord with living in the "way" of Jesus.

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