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June 12, 2011



I had the impression that Michelle's fondness for expensive designer doodads is widely noted. Even some sympathetic observers have wished she would dial it back a notch. The times are not right for a would-be Jackie. Perhaps the unfavorable comparisons with the former Kate Middleton, who wore a simple $340 dress to meet Michelle and the Prez, will make a difference.

I don't have any problem with Presidents' wives consulting designers and wearing their clothes in principle. Women are more closely scrutinized in this area than men are. I thought, for example, that the kerfluffle over Sarah Palin's campaign clothes was absurdly overblown. Women on the campaign trail are constantly on display.

As long as Michelle is paying for her own clothes, there's no issue - except for any PR issues, which are her husband's problem. She should also not be accepting any freebies or deep discounts from designers, as Nancy Reagan did. As far as I know she isn't.

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