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July 28, 2011



Trouble is the Big Dog's kind of party. He's dying to get into this, you can tell.

There will be no impeachment. Obama should be so lucky.

What we do know is that Obama is eager to give away the store. He dearly wanted his Grand Compromise and it blew up in his face.

This has been utter disaster. First, the White House and the Dems retreated on their push for a clean debt-ceiling raise. Then on the size of spending cuts. Then on new revenues. Obama was willing to raise the Medicare eligibility age, lousy politics and lousy policy, and inhumane to boot. We've only been saved because the Republicans can't take yes for an answer.

And it's not over.....

John Petty

When was it they signed off on the Bush tax cuts? December? That's where they blew it, IMHO.

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