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August 03, 2011



Good analysis, John. Sometimes I am relieved that it isn't Hillary taking all the insults, but then I wonder if she'd be getting so many.


Good analysis. I still don't believe Hillary could've been elected over McCain, given the vast number of moderate people I know here in the rust belt portion of the Midwest who voted for Obama over McCain, but who also hold such a disdain for the Clintons that they would've voted for McCain over Hillary. I know I can't quantify this, but this is my personal experience. Obama was a pragmatic choice, from where I stand.

That said, I'm sure Clinton would've governed differently, especially because, as you note, she would be proving her mettle rather than working to compromise with the opposition. I, for one, recognized Obama to be liberal in personal opinion but moderate in action, and I also thought that was what the country needed in 2008. As a liberal, there are certainly things that disappoint me which Obama has done, but overall I still think he's going to have an easier path to re-election than many think -- primarily because of his moderation and the fact that moderates and other pragmatic liberals will recognize that he's not as bad as the people on both the right and the far left make him out to be.


It was obvious at the time that HRC was slightly more to the left of Obama on domestic issues and I agreed with her view that the economy and jobs should come first.

In addition, Hillary understood the nature of the beast she was facing. Obama has demonstrated repeatedly that he does not, although now reality seems to be sinking in. I worried at the time that he might actually believe his own campaign propaganda about "bringing people together" and he did, by golly.

John Petty

Hi Andrew, I think that, after September 14, 2008, the day the financial crisis hit, any Democrat would have been elected that year.

I do agree, however, that Obama is still the favorite in 2012. Sure, he trails "generic Republican" but he doesn't trail against Romney or any of the others.

What puts it most at risk is turnout on our side.

Thanks for your visit!

John Petty

Lilianjane, I agree. In fact, when people said that Hillary made it possible for other women to pursue the presidency, my thought was: Are you kidding?

Hypatia, exactly right that Hillary understands the situation.



FYI, John.


It wasn't Nader voters who put Bush in the White House. It was the Supreme Court and the Republican Party in Florida, not to mention the 200,000 Florida Democrats who voted for Bush. Maybe it would have helped if Gore had paid more attention to his left wing, yes, but I guess he thought he didn't have to. Bad mistake.

John Petty

I don't care what you say. I'm blaming Nader.

John Petty

LJ, sometimes the Onion's headlines are more real than the supposed "real" news.

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