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July 17, 2012


Fred Garvin

So you're basically going to shrink away to half your numbers now by 2035, should the trends predicted by all the Protestant Mainline churches continue? In that case, you've given me another reason to ignore you, not another reason to believe what you say; who takes the Shakers seriously now?
Your median age is over 58 and rising and you don't even keep the kids you do have; were it not for ex-Fundiegelicals and ex-catholics, you'd be in even worse shape than you are now.
And you do the same thing as the Fundies-whenever you're in the minority, you're the "faithful remnant" and "God doesn't use head counts"; whenever you want something and you think you have a majority behind you, it's "a majority of Americans believe in keeping birth control legal". You and the Fundiegelicals are mirror images of each other. You deserve each other. No wonder the fastest-growing category in religion in the USA is "None of the Above".

John Petty

So we're not big and impressive anymore, therefore what we say is of no significance? That doesn't sound much like the message of the New Testament.

Frankly, while the Shakers aren't in vogue these days, people could profit very well from paying attention to their message.

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