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August 20, 2012


Phillip Fackler

I appreciate your analysis, but wanted to point out that the use of ρηματα (a neuter plural) with a singular verb is not at all unusual. Both classical and koine Greek frequently use singular verbs with neuter plurals. I don't think this necessarily nullifies your point which is certainly a compelling way to read the passage. Nevertheless, the grammar doesn't decide the matter.

John Petty

Thanks for your visit. I'm continually learning new things about Greek. I appreciate your comment and take it under advisement. pax, jp

Bill Schlesinger

The Gk Interlinear and KJV have huios - child - not hagios. Where is hagios reported in the text?

John Petty

In verse 69? GNT, Aland edition, has hagios. So does www.greattreasures.org.

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