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October 04, 2012



I think people did notice that Romney scrambled for the center and in a big way. Good for him, he did what he had to do. Obama....didn't. If history is any guide he'll rebound for the next debate.

If he doesn't, maybe plead laryngitis for the final one and dispatch a certain former president to slap Romney around for him. Obama did try - he mentioned "math" and "arithmetic" but somehow it didn't have the same punch.


I couldn't watch, but assumed that Obama would win because speaking is his strong suit. Well, everyone has an off night. I do hope he will get the Big Dawg to advise him nest time instead of Kerry, who isnt much of a debater.


He's not that good a debater. Hillary used to hand him his hat on a regular basis during primary season, little good though it did her. The most bothersome thing was his inability or unwillingness to shift gears when things started going against him.

John Petty

Also kind of pathetic the way he was saying things like "Gov. Romney and I agree" on this or that.

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