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October 16, 2012



It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. HRC is certainly a nice contrast to Biden's Sgt. Schultz impression, and theoretically this frees Obama up to say something like the-buck-stops-here at the debate tonight. On the other hand if he does it may look as if HRC forced his hand.

As Hillary pointed out earlier, this kind of thing does happen, sadly, and we can't turn our embassies into armed camps. The big Libyan error was made much earlier. Fortunately, the reflexive hawkishness of the GOP makes it difficult for Romney to really hit Obama hard on that.

John Petty

Embassy security is an important issue, although it should also be kept in mind that Benghazi is not the actual embassy. In any case, whatever issues are involved are submerged beneath a bunch of political posturing.

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