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March 14, 2013


Daniel Rinehart

"the very first Pope to come from a nation that was not once part of the Roman Empire"

Appealing, and to object seems pedantic—but the region that is now Poland was never part of the Roman Empire, so John Paul II would seem to be the one to claim this title. Or?

In general, a great article. Thank you!

John Petty

Thanks Daniel. Good point.


The fact that Francis and Latin America as a whole are relatively untainted by the abuse/coverup scandal was probably a factor in his selection. Astonishingly, the Vatican seems to be surprised by the fuss caused by the Dirty War angle. Of course, it is entirely possible that this bunch of cardinals thinks the torture and killing of priests adhering to liberation theology and the slaughter of leftists by the thousands is just not that big a deal....

John Petty

Oops, just saw this. Agree!

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