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August 06, 2013



One of your best, John. Well said.

John Petty

Thanks LJ.


Mainline Protestantism is not as progressive as stereotypes make people think. Usually, the church hierarchies and some clergy can have a progressive streak, but the bulk of the church does not. A great example is the Episcopal Church, which in my area is not LGBT-affirming at all. Or the UCC in my area that calls itself "evangelical." And the PCUSA that I left.

John Petty

Hi Kevin. I saw a poll of former Roman Catholics not too long ago--there are 30 million of them--and they generally left the church because they saw it as too conservative. I think there's a market of more moderate and liberal people who are attracted to the spiritual life, even Jesus, but they've been turned off by the conservatism of the church.

Thanks for your visit and comment.

Ken Anwari

BRAVO! SPOT ON! Thank you, John! I'm an "early boomer" (born 1948) Christian who "came of age" as a part of the "60's protest generation" & who were awakened by pleas (often sung to a beat) for justice, peace and Biblical honesty and for our churches to be relevant to the felt needs of people around us. Far too many of us eventually blended into the evangelicalist "churchianity" (Michael Spencer) of bland mediocrity and irrelevance. But others of us cheer, celebrate & join the emerging passion of the Christian millennias. We also share their "quo vadis" dilemma of where to go to implement our 50-year-old values. Sadly we too often find the watered-down, "anything goes", creed ignoring attitudes of many "mainline" congregations & denominations to be just as intolerant and Biblically dishonest (on the opposite extreme) as those of the fundagelicals. Kyrie eleison!

John Petty

Ken, thanks very much for your visit and comment. I'm an early boomer too!

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