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February 10, 2014


Lucas Dawn

Indeed, when someone says, "Trust me; I promise," that is the time to beware.
Jesus' warning about not calling a brother or sister a fool does relate to the new community. In Mt. 12:49-50 Jesus will identify his disciples (his new community) as his brothers and sisters. As for fools, at the end of this section of teaching Jesus will conclude with a parable about a foolish man and a wise man; the former hears Jesus' words but does not do them, and his "house" falls. So to call a brother or sister a fool is to condemn them as not a true disciple; it is like murdering them, by saying they are not, and should not be, part of the new community.

It is interesting that in Mt. 23:17 Jesus calls the scribes and Pharisees "blind fools." This is not murder, because they are rejecting Jesus and are not his brothers or sisters.

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