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February 16, 2014



Perhaps I should give the series another chance. I had an odd experience with the first season of GOT. I tuned in about halfway through one episode to see a pouty-lipped starlet getting hit doggie-style. Some time later, I tuned in toward the end of another episode and what did I see but another pouty-lipped starlet (could have been the same one; it's hard to tell the pouty-lipped young persons of both sexes apart in these cable series) being served in similar fashion. It occurred to me I was not perhaps the target demographic for this series and I never tried again....

Neha Sharma

GRRM has a way with words. the book was captivating. I loved it even more than the series. I like how each chapter represents a different character. It is a must read, especially if you are a fan of the GoT series. This is a detailed novel which will help you understand the history behind different characters. Also, the eBook is extremely convenient and inexpensive as well.

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