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November 04, 2014



The Dems made a terrible mistake not talking about the economy. PEOPLE ARE STILL HURTING!! NO ONE IS GETTING PAID! I know it was an awkward subject, given that technically the economy has "recovered," but the most they chose to talk about was raising the minimum wage, a Good Idea but not what was needed right now.

Boy, the Get Off My Lawn vote was out in force.

John Petty

With turnout at 38%, that's the result you might expect. Democratic chances get dicey under 40%. Frankly, the minority vote didn't turn out very well, and neither did young people. With the current arrangements, the Democrats nearly can't lose in general elections and can't win at all in mid-terms.

Silver lining? Hillary can turnout the people who didn't turn out this time. Another point for Hillary!

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