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January 02, 2015



RIP. People say Obama is a master speechmaker, but a lot of them are too young to remember what a master speaker really is. He was probably right about a national candidacy for himself. Turning down the Supreme Court job was regrettable, both for the country and his reputation.

Best ever: Eugene McCarthy nominating Stevenson in 1960. If that McCarthy had shown up in '68, he'd have beaten RFK like a drum.

John Petty

I never really thought Pres. Obama was that great an orator. I was present at the 2004 DNC when he supposedly gave his great, memorable speech. I thought it was a snoozer.


Well, I was being polite. I am actually disposed to agree with you. Obama is very good by contemporary American standards, but he could never do what Clinton did for him at the last convention, much less what Cuomo did. (I don't know how Paul Ryan appears in public without a bag over his head after his evisceration by the Big Dog, but, hey, he's a pol.)

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