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February 19, 2016



Thank you.

Joe Meinhart

let me say up front that if Hillary is the nominee, I will vote for her. She will be better than anyone the GOP has to offer. That said, she is not my choice. Bernie is...

You say,“Because I think her husband did a good job, and she’s smarter and tougher than he is.” He did a good job up to a point. Yet his welfare reform basically gutted welfare and increased the number of people living in poverty. His crime policy created the schools to prison pipeline we have today, as well as the growth of private, for profit prisons.

You say, "Give Karl Rove two weeks and $100,000,000 and the American people will be convinced that Bernie Sanders is Leon Trotsky." Possibly, but Karl has been doing opposition research on Hillary for over 20 years. Don't think for a minute that this is some kind of cakewalk for Hillary. And alongside that argument, of course, is that he would never get his program through Congress. We saw the GOP Congress stonewall Obama for 7 years. You really expect things to be different under the Clintons?

The only success she will have with Congress will be similar to Bill's successes, when she supports corporate agendas, at the expense of programs that benefit the middle and working classes. As Senator she demonstrated that in voting for a GOP Bankruptcy bill that benefits corporations and punishes consumers. Today's middle class has not seen an increase in buying power since early 80s.

It is no accident that individuals and corporations who continue to profit from environmental and human exploitation are spending lots of money to keep someone like Bernie Sanders from being president. Walmart; Goldman Sachs and other massive banks; Monsanto, Tyson, and other Big Ag interests; the private prison industry; the military industrial complex; and the fossil fuel industry have been investing heavily in the Clintons for decades, and their investments have paid off for them time and time again. Instead of rejecting their support and these investments, the Clintons seek them out and willingly accept them, and show no sign of wanting to challenge them. These are demonstrably the industries most responsible for our gross social and economic injustices as well as the dangers to our planet.


Clinton's hard work on behalf of the DNC and Democratic candidates hasn't gotten much notice. She has said that she wants to help rebuild the party at local and state levels. That wasn't a priority for Obama, for all his real accomplishments, and it certainly wouldn't be for Sanders.

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