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Lucky Cow by Mark Pett

Drive down any main street in America and you will undoubtedly pass by at least one, most likely two or three restaurants of the fast food variety. Pushing burgers, tacos, fried chicken and milk shakes, these quick stops have become a familiar source of comfort for travelers far from home and a favorite stop for a late-night snack.

Lucky Cow No. 12,384 is managed by Gary, a single father raising two kids and a dog. Gary is joined by a motley crew consisting of his assistant manager and ex-dot-commer, Elvin, his daughter, Clare, who hates working at the restaurant, and her friends Leticia, a vegetarian voice of reason, and Neil, who constantly gets picked on by a much shorter, and much "tougher" classmate. As the teenagers struggle to balance school, their social lives and working at Lucky Cow, the managers hope to keep major disasters to a minimum during peak business hours, and everything adds up to a hilarious combination. Mark Pett’s LUCKY COW delves into the humor of the fast food, minimum wage, experience and no matter if from in front of the cash register or behind it, we can all relate to this creative strip.

©2007 Mark Pett